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"Creative Children Ensure Creative Communities"The first New Zealand Children's Art Club opened in 1993. 
The first New Zealand Children's Art House was officially opened on the North Shore of Auckland in 1996.
The New Zealand Children's Art House Foundation Trust was established in 1999 to develop
Children's Art Houses throughout New Zealand.

The New Zealand Children's Art House Foundation Believes:

It is a fundamantal right and necessity for children to explore their creativity within safe valued community projects

That Art is the Foundation for developing peaceful, beutiful, healthy, happy citizens

The New Zealand Children's Art House Foundation has adopted:
The United Nations Culture of Peace
The Culture of Peace and the role of ART

  • Art and Culture play a poerful role in advancing understanding and thinking
  • They provide the stream with which we ccan conscious raise for Peace
  • If Peace is our Priority then we must look to the Arts as our helpers to shape our destiny
  • Art is the pacifist weapon by which we can actively promote and participate in constructing more just, human, free and properous societies
  • The healthy happy child will spontaneously be creative and find a successful place within community, which leads to peaceful citizenship

  • Our creative children are our best forces forawrd. It is difficult to imagine a culture of peace on earth if our children are unhappily estranged. Therefore we must protect our creative core
  • Dealing with conflict, creativity is a vital part of education. Via the arts we can learn to use conflict positively


  • The search for alternative ways to beingship which values equality of gender, race, creed the environment and the right to contribute to a better future - this search is expressed via the Arts
  • Peace can not exist in a world where the artist has lost signature


  • Market driven, heavily formularised exam criteria marginalisation in school and society is occurring at the very time we have a tech-no-info revo computerisation of an entirely new visual generation who express depersonalisation, who fail i.1 communications. Who have high fear of failure, high fear of risk, high confusion about the future place of self in the society of their tomorrow


  • Art encourages non-violent action in relation to problem solving at both personal and societal levels


  • Children's Art Houses are beacons of hope for young sensitive adrift concerned creators


"Love Art & Be Kind To Each Other"       


The New Zealand Children's Art House Foundation encourages exhibitions, performances and art networking by children nationally and internationally
The New Zealand Children's Art House Foundation supports co-operative projects and is staffed by highly trained teachers and artists who encourage the

Individual Artistic Experience (IAE) 

  • The New Zealand Children's Art House Foundation goal is to see 100 Children's Art Houses placed on reserved common land throughout New Zealand

The New Zealand Children's Art House Foundation aim is to: 
Cater for the Visual generation currently experiencing a sense of being adrift in Society
Develop Cultural Identity, self esteem and personal development
Provide every community stand alone art house which are self funding
Provide gallery and studio space on local authority reserve or common land
Provide access to a wide range of materials
Provide strong community networks and exhibition performance opportunities
Model productive, disciplined, committed art practices, focusing on work habits and talents
Provide highly motivated, enthusiastic youth orientated qualified teachers
Honour the human species as the creative species and appreciate creativity as a basic need for a balanced society
Value concepts of self excellence in a non competitive environment
Be receptive of financial donations and bequeaths, encouraging corporate sponsorship and appreciation

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